MIZ Tech Solutions specializes in unique and complex tailor-made products matching our customers’ business needs. We deliver end-to-end solutions starting from concept and strategy, and finishing with design, realization and support. We develop websites, web applications, services, products for internal enterprise use, social network apps, E-commerce solutions, web design, etc. Our dedicated teams provide customers with a full cycle of web development. We are experts in: Python, C++, Django, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, ReactJS, Node.js, and other web technologies.

Our in-house team of copywriters, designers and developers is fully trained in responsive Web design services. Your project will be completed on time, on budget — and improve your ability to generate high-quality leads.

Why You Should Hire Us to Build Your Website



Responsive Web design is relatively new, but we’ve been building websites for years. Our in-house team of designers and developers is proficient in user experience best practices, conversion optimization techniques and sophisticated lead-tracking setup. Our responsive Website design company builds the industry’s best custom websites for lead generation.


Marketing Expertise

We are first and foremost an Internet marketing agency – that delivers responsive Web design services. As such, we build in critical marketing functionality, such as SEO, conversion optimization and lead tracking. This is why we build the best responsive websites: Your site will be more than a pretty face; it will be visible in search, generate leads, and give you the ability to track and evaluate the sources of those leads.


Drupal CMS Platform

Your responsive website is built on Drupal, the most robust and well-supported open source CMS (content management system) available today. This means your site performs reliably and is easy to update.