With many years of experience across diverse industries, MIZ Tech Solutions has the tools and expertise to breathe new life into your enterprise and its processes – facilitating rapid and sustainable value while giving your business with the agility it needs to grow and thrive. In today’s market, technology can be the biggest barrier to optimal performance. Aging legacy systems, outdated methodologies, inefficient workflows and costly and unproductive business processes can not only impede your business’s progress, but also have the ability to bring your most important initiatives to a grinding halt.

MIZ Tech Solutions knows how to turn technology from your business’s greatest obstacle into the ultimate catalyst for realizing your business’s limitless potential. In fact, the key to high-performance is to transform emerging technologies from seemingly insurmountable roadblocks into vehicles of success in an ever-changing, high-speed, high-impact market.

From innovative enterprise mobility solutions to application migration and highly efficient custom development, our application development services are designed to optimize your business’s critical functions while fostering a strategic transformation built to streamline.


Enterprise Mobility

In order to remain contemporary and competitive, high-performance businesses across industries and around the globe are turning their focus toward the development of mobile systems. In fact, in today’s market, increased mobility should rank among every enterprise’s top priorities, because an improved flow of information combined with heightened visibility translates directly into cash flow.

From client applications and database-driven mobile applications to integration with web software, MIZ Tech Solutions has the tools and expertise to seamlessly transform all of your mobile development ambitions into reality.

Through a skilled combination of the available best practices, multiple web technologies and standards, we develop innovative mobile desktops and iPad applications. Their dexterity yields valuable returns for businesses such as reductions in time-to-market and development costs as well as an increase in revenues along with real time benefits for the users – from customers to employees.

MIZ Tech Solutions enterprise mobility solutions are user-friendly and accessible across diverse platforms. Our enterprise mobility solutions include custom development for Android, BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone and Windows Mobile as well as cross platform development through standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A wide range of mobile platforms, including Apple’s iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian are available as well as several powerful and versatile frameworks like Titanium and Phone Gap for developing native web apps that work on all smartphones and tablets.


Application Modernization Solutions

The right application modernization approach is essential. At MIZ Tech Solutions we see application modernization as a different approach than standard application development. It requires a more comprehensive, staged project approach and use of proven practices to make success a reality. Our team of highly experienced IT experts will work with you to de-risk the process at every step and migrate successfully without disrupting your business.

MIZ Tech Solutions will help you re-architect or sunset your legacy applications (such as FoxPro, Visual Basic, ASP or others), develop new, modern applications (working with Java, .NET, PHP, Oracle and other more agile systems), address cloud, mobile or other initiatives to achieve your application modernization goals and reduce infrastructure and staffing costs with our managed services to maintain and support all of your legacy or other applications 24×7.

MIZ Tech Solutions Application Modernization Solutions will help you improve application value and effectiveness, reduce costs and improve performance.

We have a dedicated practice for application modernization to help our customers address:

  • Newer business requirements or customer engagement models that don’t work with current legacy applications
  • Connection and integration with modern technologies – mobile devices, iPads, smart phones, tablets and social
  • Access from anywhere using the web
  • end-of-life for legacy systems – where resources and competencies are not available for the old system, capacity is limited, the system can’t scale or be modified and/or the business’s capacity to sustain legacy systems limited
  • A need to centralize disparate legacy systems and move to one single enterprise system
  • Data analytics with a centralized system to take all information available and create usable intelligence for more effective decision-making
  • The ability to expand system access to broader audiences, in real-time globally, with a more modern approach to interfacing with the current system


Ecommerce Solutions

Designed to enhance customer experience across channels while lowering costs, our innovative eCommerce solutions have been helping businesses like yours realize their limitless potential for more than two decades.

Our eCommerce solutions include the features you expect and more, including an attractive, easy-to-navigate storefront, superior product & shopper account management, efficient, flexible order processing, tax & shipping management as well as a highly functional administration management.

MIZ Tech Solutions comprehensive eCommerce solutions and services facilitate rapid and sustainable value, maximize revenues and build invaluable customer loyalty – from consulting and implementation to migration, support and custom development.

Without question, more than any other factor, customers are responsible for determining the level of success any business can attain. By making superior customer service a priority and leveraging the awesome power of a positive customer experience, your business can achieve a distinct and sustainable advantage over the competition.

Through our full-service eCommerce solutions, we can build you a powerful IT platform to support your business plan to achieve such goals as:

  • Increasing market share and growing to compete with the big boys
  • Expanding geographic footprint
  • Reducing costs while building efficiencies across the board
  • Improving revenues, time to market, productivity and processes
  • Enhancing security as a mission critical element
  • Improving reporting capabilities to facilitate better, faster decisions
  • Facilitating socialization by integrating with top social media networks
  • Enhancing the customer experience and the merchant experience to improve conversion, deal quality and build loyalty
  • Creating avenues for innovation and transformation


Custom Development

Starting from the initial requirement analysis and definition phase all the way to deployment, rollout and post deployment maintenance and support, MIZ Tech Solutions provides the complete and effective solution your business needs to succeed.

Driving profitability while minimizing costs and risks, we ensure the success of your custom development project by employing service-oriented architecture principles to facilitate rapid and sustainable value while setting your business up to realize its limitless potential.

MIZ Tech Solutions custom development services seamlessly combine the benefits of an onsite and offshore delivery framework to lower the costs, implement best practices, reduce time to market and maximize ROI.